Kurt Springs

Manager, Advanced Commercial Initiatives

Kurt is an experienced K12 technology leader with nearly 25 years of demonstrated success guiding and supporting technology initiatives for school districts around the country. Kurt’s direct, hands-on approach is fostering unique partnerships with district leaders to innovate and improve school district effectiveness.

Mike Carpenter

Lead PA Analyst

Mike has over 15 years of experience with the analysis and project management of software systems. Mike applies tremendous focus to the challenges facing K12 transportation departments and the associated analysis, development, and delivery of the SafeTransport solution.



Find out how your district can:

  • Stay connected to everyone with our anytime and anywhere access
  • Reduce costs and headaches by eliminating multiple older products/vendors
  • Implement and launch quickly at a low fixed cost (6 week average)
  • Reduce complexity with an all-inclusive single product and interface–all with no additional cost
  • Routing, Mapping & Directions
  • GPS Tracking/Monitoring (includes GPS devices)
  • Mobile App for families
  • Student & Transportation Data Management. (includes SIS integration)
  • Data Collection & Reporting (2089, 1049, etc.)