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Activating Data & Analytics for Business Value Creation

Recent events have forced most companies into more digital transformation in the past 3 months than they have done in the past 3 years. For most companies, the shift exposed gaps in technology investments and uncovered an overall lack of data-driven business decisions.

Join former Fortune 500 CIO Steven Stone (Lowes, LBrands) and Tom Villani, CAI’s SVP of Digital Innovation for a webcast series that will provide practical tips on how your people, process and technologies can collect, share, mine and analyze data to help your stakeholders make decisions that create better business outcomes.

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STEP 6 | THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5 | 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Enabling Self-service Delivery for Remote Knowledge Needs


Key learning objectives:

How to create a thriving self-service analytics function:

  • Building on the principles of trust
  • Understanding the importance of a semantic layer
  • Ensuring good outcomes, the role of the API
  • Matching up tools to user needs: Consumer/Casual or Power Analyst/ Data Scientist


STEP 1: Webinar Replay
Identifying Your Current State of Information Delivery
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STEP 2: Webinar Replay
Closing the Information Loop Across Your Organization
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STEP 3: Webinar Replay
Adapting to the Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Your Information Needs
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STEP 4: Webinar Replay
Envisioning Your Ideal Modern-day Architecture - What to Consider
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STEP 5: Webinar Replay
Enhancing your data & analytics environment with AI/ML
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